TRAVEL | Worms, Germany

Worms (pronounced Vorms) is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It sits on the Rhine River and is about 60 kilometres south-southwest of Frankfurt, Germany. A must see attraction in Worms is Worms Cathedral (Wormser Dom). Worms Cathedral is one of three great imperial cathedrals on the upper Rhine , the other two being in Speyer & Mainz. This cathedral has four round towers, and two large domes. The cathedral is 110 m (just under 361ft) long and 27 m (roughly 88ft) wide. The nave (main body of the church which provides the central approach to the high altar) is 26 m (roughly 85ft). Only the ground floor and parts of the western towers belong to the original building which was consecrated in 1110, the rest was done in the 13th & 14th centuries and later (parts of the cathedral, the domes for example, have been rebuilt over the years).

2013DEC18 WORMS4

2013DEC18 WORMS11

Seeing all three of the imperial cathedrals is high on my list, but so is visiting as many Christmas markets as possible! I have three years in Europe, it will go quick, and Christmas is just once a year! The markets all have some similarities but they are also unique. I also discovered that each place has its’ own take on glüwein (mulled wine) and some of it is pretty potent! I find myself having to try it at each market and for a € or so extra I also get a collectible mug.2013DEC18 WORMS5


2013DEC18 WORMS7

 We also made sure to walk around and view monuments and other historical sights while in Worms. It was a great day trip & I got a new mug!


2013DEC18 WORMS6

2013DEC18 WORMS12b


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