Wiesbaden Market

One of my favorite things about Germany is its markets and every town has their own. I was going to mine quite often but hadn’t been since December, so today I went (mainly because it has been so gloomy & i wanted flowers to brighten up the place…i was not disappointed!),

2:12:2014 Mkt3

2:12:2014 Tulips at Mkt2

2:12:2014 Tulips at Mkt

<< On the way home. >>

2-12-2014 CowOnBalcony2

I took this photo because it is the second time I have seen a large & colorful cow on someones balcony + my little guy really loves cows!

2:12:2014 GraffitiWJeans

<< What I brought home with me. >>


2:12:2014 Tulips at Mkt3

2:12:2014 Tulips at Mkt5

2:12:2014 Tulips at Mkt6

IMG_4480| f l o w e r s + c h e e s e c a k e |


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