The Fabulous Weekend Getaway That Wasn’t

I planned a weekend getaway for the family that was going to be fabulous, only it didn’t turn out that way. I was so excited, a weekend of burgers + movies for the kids and a day spent in France for all of us. It started with a seedy hotel room that looked like it had been flooded at some point, which led to us just driving back home. No big deal, we can still leave for France early Saturday and make a day of it. So we didn’t get away for the weekend, I can’t complain when I am still going to be spending a day in France!IMG_2035

<<  Eating donuts in the car + headed for France.  >>

So, Saturday morning comes and I wake up and notice sunlight coming through the curtains. My first thought: “Why hasn’t my alarm gone off?”. Turns out I set my alarm clock for pm rather than am (Ooops!). No worries…it’s just an hour later than planned. We threw ourselves together in record time and headed out. First stop, fuel + breakfast. Our choice: donuts + juice + coffee. Perfect.

We hit the road. An hour into the drive it started to drizzle. Meh…we are still an hour away, it could be dry & sunny in France for all we know. We were hopeful.


We arrive. It is raining now. It is cold. The umbrellas are not in the back of the car. Nice!

Oh well…we’re here, it’s France, let’s do this!


<<  Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune  >>







<<  Kammerzell House >>

The house on the corner is the Kammerzell House,  one of the most ornate and well preserved medieval buildings in the area. It belonged to the Holy Roman Empire at one time.


<< Strasbourg Cathedral >>

The second most visited cathedral in all of France. It is indeed spectacular and I am afraid my photos do not do it justice. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral built entirely during the Middle Ages.


<< Strasbourg Cathedral // Astronomical Clock >>

The current clock dates back to 1843 and houses a a perpetual calendar, a planetary dial, a display of the real position of the Sun, the Moon, and solar + lunar eclipses. There is also a procession of figures featuring Christ and the Apostles, which occurs every day at 12:30 while the life-size rooster crows three times. We just happened to catch this little event for the day!



While visiting the cathedral the temp must have dropped, we could see our breath in the air before us and the rain had gotten worse. I didn’t want to give up and leave France just yet. I suggested having lunch someplace we could warm up, refuel, and give the rain a chance to let up.


Where we lunched. Pizza, pasta, bread, & beer.02152014FRANCE21The rain did let up, but only briefly. We walked around a little longer, got a few more photos and decided it was time to get out of the rain. Everyone was cold, wet, and I wasn’t feeling so great. We climbed into our warm + dry car and did a little exploring through the city, stopping at a museum before finally heading home.


<< The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg >>

Or the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art if you prefer.



So our fabulous weekend got off to a bad start, we woke up late, it was cold, it drizzled, and it rained but France was beautiful. It could have been fabulous despite all the little unpredictables except that Sunday…it became clear that we had food poisoning. And with that…the ‘fabulous’ was taken right out of our weekend getaway!!

France, we loved you and we will be back….hopefully on a dry + sunny day and maybe with our own picnic basket of food.



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