Possibly the oldest city in Germany (I read somewhere it has three competitors for that slot!), Trier is located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It sits on the banks of the Moselle not far from Luxembourg and is part of the Mosel Wine Region.

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Roman Ruins : Porta Nigra (black gate)^ is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps and was built between 186 and 200 AD.



Hauptmarkt (Market Square) & St. Peter’s Fountain



Cathedral (Dom St. Peter), this is the oldest church in Germany.



Mariensäule (or St. Mary’s Column), this crowned statue of St. Mary sits upon a pillar 130 feet high and looks over the city.


FYI>> If you want a photo of the front of her you better do it from down below! She sits so high it is impossible from this vantage point. It is worth the jaunt up to see her in person, the view from where she sits is simply spectacular!!


Palastgarten (or you could call it the Palace Garden). I think the kids enjoyed this spot the most! There was a lot of open space (i.e. lots of running around, acting goofy, and burning energy off before a 2 hour drive home kinda space), the weather was so nice for being outside and you just don’t run into gardens this cool everyday! So happy they took advantage!


We didn’t quite see everything there is to see in Trier, but it was a perfect day trip. Long enough & short enough that the kids didn’t drive us crazy & vice versa! It is definitely going on the “Wouldn’t Mind Visiting Again” list.


| Visited May 24, 2014 |


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