MADE | Happy Veneer

I love my wood veneer embellishments & I have lots of them. I would like to use veneers more and so I decided that maybe if I added a little color…I would reach for them more often. I have to say, I love the results and it is a quick & easy project too (which always appeals to me!).


IMG_8485acrylic paints // a few paint brushes // masking and washi tapes // wood veneer


As I mentioned before, the best part about this is it doesn’t take much to pull off! Prep: I used about 3 sheets of basic printer paper as my work surface (i can be messy!). I then selected several pieces of my favorite veneers I wanted to color and laid them out. I then added strips of tape across them. I thought it would be fun to try stripes on a few pieces and for those I used narrow washi tape.  That is all there is to it! Now the veneers are ready to paint.



So once I taped my veneers I started adding my colors!  I did not try using Mr. Huey’s but I did try using an ink dauber. They are both inks and much like I suspected they followed the grain and bled right under my tape. They are a bit too thin if you are looking for a straight line. If you are looking to color your entire veneer piece the daubers make quick work of that with great results.


I do actually like the effect here and played a little bit with the inks and adding a second color.

IMG_8510This is the result you get with the thinner mediums like the ink daubers.

Results with acrylics are much cleaner and it is easier to get a straight line of color, which was more what I was going for.


Once done I pulled off the tape and let them dry (which does not take long! Yay!).




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