I love photography. I love to travel. I love to make stuff.  I was looking for a place to collect it all. Here I am.



  1. I found your blog because I am taking the Day by Day class at SC. Your PL spreads are amazing. As I study them I try to figure out how I can do this or that similar to your work. It seems you put your spreads together so effortlessly, but obviously a lot of thought goes into each one. I laughed when you said you gave yourself 20 minutes by a timer to complete what I think was your title page.

    I enjoyed the beautiful pictures from your recent trips. But, much more than this, I want to say thank you to you and your family for all you have given to our country.

    1. Oh there is effort my dear…and lots of walking away. :) I just never force it. I am in no hurry, it gets done when it gets done (or you can force it with a timer!). It is supposed to be fun right?! :)

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It truly means so much!!

      1. I think that’s really true about walking away. Sometimes I MAKE myself do that when I’m struggling with a spread and wanting to get it done NOW because I have the time to do it NOW. If I force it, I KNOW it’ll be a mess I won’t be happy with. Have a great day!

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