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Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

Driving home from Trier a few weeks ago we came across the town, Bernkastel-Kues. A castle that sits over the town first caught our eye, but then as we rounded the corner the town itself came into view and we were in awe. Quaint, lush, & sitting right on the Moselle. I quickly added it to the “must visit” list on my phone. I told the hubs we should come here during the week together, just us, a sort of day-date before school let out. He made it happen just a few days later .


I look this photo from the car on the drive home from Trier, this is the castle that first caught our eye and piqued our interest. While I would have liked to stop right then, the date sounded nice and we always try to limit how much we squeeze into a day when we travel with the kids. We are lucky in that our kids seldom complain about anything when we drag them around other than being hungry or thirsty. Technically those probably are not even complaints so much as they are statements, but I digress.


The views as you make your way into town.


Ruins of Landshut Castle // Circa 1277

In 1692, the castle and all its’ treasures, were destroyed in a fire.  You can still climb the tower and the views over the town & Moselle are spectacular!


Bernkastel – Kues

Bernkastel is located on the right bank while Kues is on the left of the Moselle. These two villages merged in 1905 and have a bridge that joins them.




In the Bernkastel-Kues marketplace you will find gabled timber-framed houses from the 17th century, foremost among which is the narrow Spitzhäuschen (also known as the Pointed House) from 1416. The main floor is narrower than the second floor which makes this house look a bit wobbly!





I seriously don’t think I will ever tire of visiting all the little (& big) towns (villages) of Europe!

| Visited May 29, 2014 |


MADE | Happy Veneer

I love my wood veneer embellishments & I have lots of them. I would like to use veneers more and so I decided that maybe if I added a little color…I would reach for them more often. I have to say, I love the results and it is a quick & easy project too (which always appeals to me!).


IMG_8485acrylic paints // a few paint brushes // masking and washi tapes // wood veneer


As I mentioned before, the best part about this is it doesn’t take much to pull off! Prep: I used about 3 sheets of basic printer paper as my work surface (i can be messy!). I then selected several pieces of my favorite veneers I wanted to color and laid them out. I then added strips of tape across them. I thought it would be fun to try stripes on a few pieces and for those I used narrow washi tape.  That is all there is to it! Now the veneers are ready to paint.



So once I taped my veneers I started adding my colors!  I did not try using Mr. Huey’s but I did try using an ink dauber. They are both inks and much like I suspected they followed the grain and bled right under my tape. They are a bit too thin if you are looking for a straight line. If you are looking to color your entire veneer piece the daubers make quick work of that with great results.


I do actually like the effect here and played a little bit with the inks and adding a second color.

IMG_8510This is the result you get with the thinner mediums like the ink daubers.

Results with acrylics are much cleaner and it is easier to get a straight line of color, which was more what I was going for.


Once done I pulled off the tape and let them dry (which does not take long! Yay!).



Augsburg, Germany



Augsburg, located in SW Bavaria. We took a little side trip to this amazing city during our spring break trip in April (yep…I am that far behind on photo editing!). While Augsburg is the third largest city in Bavaria it is not considered a big tourist spot because it lacks must-see sights. We disagree. We loved this city and enjoyed strolling along the cobblestone streets and getting a bite to eat at a little cafe. If was very quaint & very European. Traveling with kids we like having stops that are more about relaxing than running around to see this and that. After two full days at Legoland, this was a treat for Mom & Dad!!






Chuck Norris. Apparently it is a club.  One of my favorite photos from the trip of course!!



St. Ulrich & St. Afra Cathedral



| Visited April 8, 2014 |


Possibly the oldest city in Germany (I read somewhere it has three competitors for that slot!), Trier is located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It sits on the banks of the Moselle not far from Luxembourg and is part of the Mosel Wine Region.

2014Trier1b 2014Trier6b 2014Trier0

Roman Ruins : Porta Nigra (black gate)^ is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps and was built between 186 and 200 AD.



Hauptmarkt (Market Square) & St. Peter’s Fountain



Cathedral (Dom St. Peter), this is the oldest church in Germany.



Mariensäule (or St. Mary’s Column), this crowned statue of St. Mary sits upon a pillar 130 feet high and looks over the city.


FYI>> If you want a photo of the front of her you better do it from down below! She sits so high it is impossible from this vantage point. It is worth the jaunt up to see her in person, the view from where she sits is simply spectacular!!


Palastgarten (or you could call it the Palace Garden). I think the kids enjoyed this spot the most! There was a lot of open space (i.e. lots of running around, acting goofy, and burning energy off before a 2 hour drive home kinda space), the weather was so nice for being outside and you just don’t run into gardens this cool everyday! So happy they took advantage!


We didn’t quite see everything there is to see in Trier, but it was a perfect day trip. Long enough & short enough that the kids didn’t drive us crazy & vice versa! It is definitely going on the “Wouldn’t Mind Visiting Again” list.


| Visited May 24, 2014 |

Opel Zoo

2013MAR29 OpelZoo1

Opel Zoo is in Kronberg im Taunus, Germany. It is one of the most beautiful zoos I have been to, spreads out on the side of a hill facing nearby Falkenstein Castle. It is stunning! Hopefully we will be visiting again soon!




2013MAR29 OpelZoo2

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